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"Great space to rent for any occasion! I have used it for aerial and dance rehearsals, photo shoots/filming content, and even small get togethers. Rigging aerial equipment is so fast with a giant easy-to-roll staircase. The large mirrors that run the wall, while coverable by curtains, provide great reflection of the entire working area too. Scheduling is simple and Vashti is so responsive if you have any questions. Will be back again and again!" K.H.


"After a long Covid, I really wanted to be able to see my friends for my birthday but didn't want to risk going to a restaurant or bar yet. Midnight Room Rentals was perfect, it was private and had enough room to fit all of my guests." S.C.

"Vashti does an excellent job of having an accessible space that has a wide variety of uses. Each time I've found the space to have ample room and resources and Vashti answered promptly if I had a question about the space. It's a perfect functional space for so many things!" C.B.

Have you rented with us? We'd love to hear from you!

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